Carol Hall's roots are buried deep in the warm Louisiana soil of her childhood. Raised around Mama's big old kitchen table where family and friends came together to share their lives and their laughter, there was always a pot of something simmering on the back burner, always enough for one more. So, when she and her husband, Albert, first opened the doors of The Old Coast Hotel on the Mendocino Coast of California back in 1985, it was a natural extension of what she'd always done; serving up warm, Southern hospitality with her home-style family recipes alongside a dab of that pungent Hot Pepper Jelly so esteemed today. 

Carol Hall's Kitchen is about good food, good people, good times and good work. And it's about quality, not quantity -- although those first two Hot Pepper Jellies have grown into a line of over twenty products sold nationwide today. Handmade in small batches, using the finest ingredients without additives, Carol has won local and national awards for her culinary skills; skills fostered from her Southern roots and cultivated on the farm where, for ten years, she and Albert raised nearly all of their own food for their family of six. Carol is often called upon to share her comprehensive knowledge with local entrepreneurs and national educators alike, such as the Culinary Institute of America, whose classes come West to savor the bounty of the California wine country. 

Carol Hall's Kitchen is always evolving, and you're sure to find something for all: from Jalapeno Pepper Jelly to Oscar-Winning Peach Cobbler Jam, Apple Apricot Chutney to Smoky Garlic Mustard, and Sweet Lemon Butter to Carol Halls Ranch Marinade - the alchemy continues